Atlas #4000549 DIGITAL RS-2 UNION PACIFIC #1294

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Scale N
Number 40005049
Manufacturer Atlas
After a successful first run of road switchers (The RS-1) Alco’s second attempt at a versatile four-axle locomotive came in late 1946. This was the stylized RS-2 keeping similar features as the RS-1 (Long carbody and short front nose) but with many upgrades. The most notable features were the rounded carbody and a new 244 prime mover which increased the horsepower to 1500 a 500hp upgrade over the RS-1. With the added horsepower the RS-2 was received well by railroads for its ability to tackle any service it was given. On a daily basis one could see two RS-2’s powering a general merchandise freight plying the hills with a loaded coal train coming back from the tipple or running a passenger train at speed. The Delaware & Hudson would later retrofit their fleet with steam boilers and water tanks for passenger service. The Laurentian was one such service it powered with dual RS-2’s and a striking lightning stripe consist. Alco and Canadian counterpart Montreal Locomotive Works successfully built over 370 of these versatile locomotives for railroads large and small. A good example was the Southern Delaware & Hudson and the New York Central ordered over 20 each whereas the Birmingham Southern and the Texas and Pacific railroads both ordered just a single locomotive. The success of the RS-2 would later pave the way for the RS-3. Today only a handful of prototypes exist mostly in museums or on tourists operations. Features Golden-White LEDs Directional lighting Dual brass flywheels Low-friction mechanism Accurate painting and lettering Magnetic knuckle couplers
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Item # 40005049
Preorder Yes
Scale N
Roadnumber May Vary No
Trains Diesel Locomotives
Engine Style RS 1 - RS 2
Road Name Union Pacific - UP