GHB International 440014 HO DD-1 Electric Locomotive, Long Island Railroad Road Number #341 w/DCC/Sound

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Scale HO
Number 440014
Manufacturer GHB International
Prototype Information: The Pennsylvania Railroad DD1 was a class of boxcab electric locomotives built by the Pennsylvania Railroad. The locomotives were developed as part of the railroad's New York Tunnel Extension, which built the original Pennsylvania Station in New York City and linked it to New Jersey via the North River Tunnels. The Pennsylvania built a total of 66 locomotives in its Altoona Works; they operated in semi-permanently coupled pairs. Westinghouse supplied the electrical equipment. The first locomotives entered service in 1910, with the opening of Pennsylvania Station. They operated between Manhattan Transfer and Pennsylvania Station, and from there to the coach yards at Sunnyside Yard in Queens, New York. With the arrival of the Class L5 locomotives in 1924 some DD1s moved to the Pennsylvania-owned Long Island Rail Road (LIRR), which had substantial electrified commuter rail operations. The conversion of the New York–Philadelphia main line to alternating current in the 1930s saw the remainder of the DD1s scrapped or transferred to the LIRR. One pair, Nos. 3936 and 3937, is preserved at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Features: Die Cast and Polyacetal Construction Sound version feature ESU LokSound 5 DCC Sound decoders Prototype specific detailing Accurate, fine scale details Both units powered Working Headlights
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Item # 440014
Preorder No
Scale HO
Roadnumber May Vary No
Trains Electric Locomotives
Engine Style DD-1
Engine Electronics DCC And Sound
Road Name Long Island - LIRR