Labelle #00134 Micro Powdered PTFE* Dry Lubricant

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Scale Multi
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#0430-134 Micro Powdered PTFE* Dry Lubricant (Clean, white, non-staining. micro-powered PTFE*)

–For any area needing lubrication where a non-staining high performance lubricating powder is your best choice.
–Any device where a dry power PTFE is preferred over wet lubricants
–Any Robotic controlled device with moving parts, motor shafts, gears etc. General Purpose Uses where a dry, Non-Staining Lubricant would be preferred
–Electric Razors
–Drawer hinges and drawer slides
–Garden Tools
–Small gear sets, toys, model trains and race cars.
–Unlimited Uses. Anything with moving parts (If it Moves – Lube it !)

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Item # 134
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Scale Multi
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