Kato #156-0963 Nippon Sharyo Gallery Bi-Level Coach Chicago Metra #8593

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Number 156-0963
Manufacturer Kato
Scale N
Nippon Sharyo Gallery Bi-Level Cars: The modern Nippon Sharyo-built Gallery Bi-Level is based off of the same concept as the original Santa Fe “El Capitan” Bi-level design concept, whose success went on to inspire such double decker cars as Amtrak’s Superliners and the Bombardier Bi-Level car which is also used in commuter service. Today, gallery Bi-Level cars such as those used by the Chicago Metra commuter service can be seen operating in several states across the United States, such as Virginia and California. Model Features: Designed to be pulled by either MPI MP36PH or EMD F40PH locomotives. All cars are DCC friendly, with FR11 decoders available for optional 11-211/212 Version 2 Interior Lighting Kits with LED. Bi-Level cab coaches feature directional lighting for push-pull operation, with alternate illuminating headlight and taillights with an on/off switch for mid-train operation. An optional FL12 decoder can be installed in the place of the slider switch to provide DCC control over the directional lighting. Smooth rolling blackened metal wheels on all Bi-level cars with all-wheel electrical pickup. DCC compatible with the use of the Kato FL12 Tail Light DCC Decoder installed into the Cab-Coach.
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Item # 156-0963
Scale N
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