Kato 176-8946 N GE ES44DC Florida East Coast #801

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Scale N
Number 176-8946
Manufacturer Kato
Road number may vary from the picture shown

The ES (Evolution Series) of locomotives are built by GE
Transportation Systems and designed to meet the U.S. EPA’s
Tier 2 locomotive emissions standards that took effect in 2005.
These Evolution Series locomotives are equipped with AC
traction motors and are powered by a newly designed “GEVO12” 12 cylinder engine that produces the same power as the 16
cylinder AC4400CW, but with fewer emissions and greater
fuel economy. It also carries a redesigned air-to-air dual-fan
heat exchanger, which gives it its distinct “oversized” radiator;
a common spotting feature for these new locomotives.
Locomotive Features:
 Multiple body styles to reflect different “as delivered”
railroad specifications
 Powerful five-pole KATO motor with dual brass
 Directional Headlight and illuminated, preprinted
 Illuminated ditch lights
 Kato magnetic knuckle coupler

More Information
Item # 176-8946
Preorder Yes
Scale N
Roadnumber May Vary Yes
Trains Diesel Locomotives
Engine Style ES44DC (GEVO)
Engine Electronics DCC Ready
Road Name Florida East Coast - FEC