Lionel LionChief - LionChief Plus - LionChief Plus 2.0

What is the difference between Lionel LionChief, LionChief Plus, and LionChief Plus 2.0?

Differences In LionChief - LionChief Plus - LionChief Plus 2.0Differences In LionChief - LionChief Plus - LionChief Plus 2.0

What is LionChief Plus 2.0

Presenting the next generation of LionChief® Control, LionChief® Plus 2.0!

Combining the best features of our LionChief® Plus locomotives with TMCC command control and additional sound and lighting enhancements, these new locomotives offer the value, simplicity and flexibility in operating modes you’ve been looking for. The ability to run via a Bluetooth® controller (Universal Remote or LionChief® App), Command Control cab or conventional transformer makes these locomotives perfect for any desired operating system. Enhanced sound and lighting features make these new LionChief® 2.0 models more realistic and fun than ever before! Take a look at the table to see all of the great features available and scan the pages ahead for the new locomotives and sets with this fantastic new innovation.

LionChief® Plus 2.0 engines do not come with their own remote.

LionChief® Plus 2.0 engines can lash-up with Legacy engines with a Legacy controller.