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This is a backorder item and is not currently in stock.
It will be shipped when we receive it from the manufacturer and you will be charged at that time.
Date due: 05/31/2021

Athearn #G81102 AMD103/P42DC, Amtrak/Heritage/Phase V #184

Athearn #G81102 AMD103/P42DC, Amtrak/Heritage/Phase V #184
  • Manufacture: Athearn
  • Category: Diesel Locomotive
  • Number: G81102
  • Scale: HO
  • Price: $169.98

PTC antenna farm version 2
All Amtrak units feature rebuilt noses except as noted
Antenna array version 3
Antenna array version 3
PTC antenna array version 2
No ATS shoe
Angled air dryer guard
As-built antenna configuration
As-built nose configuration


Officially licensed product of Amtrak® (Amtrak-painted units)
Officially licensed product of Via Rail Canada® (Via painted units)
Fully-assembled and ready-to-run
DCC-ready features Quick Plug™ plug-and-play technology with 21-pin NEM connector
3 different nose variations: Amtrak as-built, Amtrak rebuilt, and Via
Flexible rubber MU hoses
Flexible rubber trainline hose
Scaled from prototype resources including drawings, field measurements, photographs, and more
Accurately painted and printed paint schemes
Separately applied wire handrails
Exhaust stack
Photo etched metal radiator fan grille
Highly-detailed underframe including air tanks with air lines, air filter, and air dryer with two different types of rock shields
McHenry scale knuckle couplers - Kadee compatible
Genesis driveline with 5-pole skew wound motor, precision machined flywheels, and multi-link drivetrain
All-wheel drive with precision gears for smooth & quiet operation
All-wheel electrical pickup provides reliable current flow
Wheels with RP25 contours operate on all popular brands of track
LED lighting including operating ditch lights and red marker lights
Completely-redesigned die-cast frame for superior tractive effort
Packaging securely holds model for safe storage


The General Electric P42DC, also known as the Genesis, is the current primary passenger locomotive of Amtrak. Producing 4250 HP and with a top speed of 110mph, these units are seen nationwide on short and long-distance trains. Equipped with marker lights on each end, the units are also seen in service on push-pull trains. Amtrak originally rostered 208 of the units, numbered from 1-207. Most notable among these are the five specially-painted Heritage units, which were unveiled in 2011 for Amtrak’s 40th anniversary. Each one is painted in a different “phase” or paint scheme to highlight the different images of Amtrak over the years. Sadly #66, the Phase II unit, was involved in a grade crossing accident in 2016 and was subsequently retired. In 2018, Amtrak released #130 in a similar scheme, and today it carries on the legacy of #66.

Via Rail owns a fleet of 21 units numbered 900-920, and they have been active since 2001. These locomotives are equipped with both standard and emergency horn sets. Some units also are equipped with a bright spotlight on the center of the nose, in addition to the standard headlights and ditch lights.

These highly-detailed models will finally answer one of our top customer requests for a Genesis Genesis. Highlights include a detailed cab interior complete with all of the appropriate controls and seats. A wealth of underbody detail includes piping, air filters, air dryer, and complete pilot detail. The models also feature prototype-specific details for Amtrak and Via Rail Canada. Amtrak units are available with either the as-built or the rebuilt (bolted-on) nose. They also feature several different styles of antenna arrays, ranging from the simple as-built appearance to the complex arrangement of the Illinois service units. Via Rail units feature the unique nose-mounted spotlight as well as prototypical standard and emergency horn sets.

All versions feature the operational, light, and sound features that have come to be expected from Genesis. Under the hood, the proven Genesis motor and a massive die-case frame combine to provide ample tractive effort. LED headlights, ditch lights, and marker lights are all provided. On the DCC/sound equipped versions, the ditch lights will alternate when the horn is activated, and the marker lights are independently-controlled and directional. Finally, A Soundtraxx Tsunami2 sound decoder and dual 28mm speakers provide our model with high-quality sound.

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