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Charles Smiley #D123 Key System Empire and Golden Gate Treasure - DVD

Charles Smiley #D123  Key System Empire and Golden Gate Treasure - DVD
  • Manufacture: DVDs
  • Number: D123
  • Scale:
  • Price: $21.99
Key System action and Bay history with pre and post Bay Bridge views. See Bridge units and the old street cars. Ferry and Bay Area history. The 1939 World’s Fair views and the “elephant-trains” concession run by Key employees there is a special and rare view of Bay Area history!

The Key System’s switch from their old ferryboat pier to the Bay Bridge are the historical items that everyone needs to experience. See how the Bay Bridge “NX” signal system and the expansive Bridge Yard was developed. We cover the “insiders” view of this great line. And, we chronicle the end, and destruction, of this inspired interurban line. This sad ending was something that Charles Smiley himself took note of as a junior high school student while living in the area. This video is a reflection of his early-life experience and impressions of electric railroading.

Note: also see D-131 for even more, fresh Key System material!


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