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Kato #137-2021 GG1 Amtrak Black # 913

Kato #137-2021  GG1 Amtrak Black # 913
  • Manufacture: Kato
  • Category: Electric Locomotive
  • Number: 137-2021
  • Scale: N
  • Price: $89.99
Prototype Information:

The GG1, one of the PRR's most famous and recognizable locomotives, is also one of the most curiously designed. Technically two locomotives under one shell (a "G" class locomotive is a 4-6-0 by PRR specification, therefore the GG1 was two "G" locomotives in a 4-6-0:0-6-4 arrangement). This added up to a 4.6k horsepower locomotive that was staggeringly powerful, even by today's standards. Designed in the 20's, built in 30's, and not retired until the 80's, the GG1 had an incredible lifespan (even when they were cut in two and run as GG½'s) and survives today as a testament to its time in both its unique Loewy-design and overwhelming performance.

Amtrak and Penn Central: Thanks to the long life and usefulness of the GG1, many outlived the PRR, finding themselves in Penn Central, and later in their life, Amtrak paint. These locomotives were used in everything from freight service to pulling Amtrak Passenger trains.

Model Features:

Featured Link: Model Railroader magazine has put up an excellent video driveby/preview of the Broadway Limited and GG1, viewable here

PRR Units are designed to accompany the Kato Broadway Limited
Blackened metal Pantographs
Able to go through a 249mm (9.75") radius S-Curve
Shock absorber construction gives even traction and performance, even on the roughest track
Powerful mechanism able to pull a full 15 car Broadway Ltd. Consist up a 4% grade
Illuminated + Directional Class lights, headlight, and number boards
DCC Friendly mechanism, compatible with the specially designed DN163K1D or Train Control Systems K1D4-NC

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