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Kato #20-283 N Gauge Electric Turntable

Kato #20-283 N Gauge Electric Turntable
  • Manufacture: Kato
  • Category: Building & Structure Kits / Tracks & Accessories
  • Number: 20-283
  • Scale: N
  • Price: $269.99
Product Features Description
Turntable which is indispensable to enjoy the (1) steam locomotive, debuts from KATO! The choice of the steam locomotive structure!
Specification in pursuit of ease of use and reproduce the type with a relatively shallow pit called (2) under path expressions, also corresponding to the parlor operation.
Line placement angle (3) turntable adopts a 10 °. The outer periphery of the body is 217mm. Turntable Keta-cho is OK 蒸機 large and 160mm!
Thickness (4) turntable 12mm. To the line on cotton 7mm Uni track, up 5mm. Height adjustment on the outside of the adjacent line.
Switch operation (5) controller, I adopt a rotation-stop from side to side, the automatic advance of auto-locking to drive correctly.
Turning speed feeling of about one minute (6) one lap. Stop reliably to decelerate further to stop just before. Movement feeling manner brings out the engine depot landscape.
One-touch wiring (7) connector type, complex electrical wiring is not required at all. can anyone incorporate the layout easily.
Power supply to the (8) line from the turntable. Turntable digit, the vehicle can travel to power the line before and after it is connected.
If you retain (9), use the power switch to the adjacent line feeder kit (sold separately) and an insulating Joyner, on / off for each line placement can.
By combining the double track turntable extension line set (10) sold separately, large engine department of a powerful trunk can be reproduced.
Optional structure that including perfect, the engine depot facility set to reproduce the engine department with a (11) turntable is enriched.
Six Uni (3 line), two-bollard eyes (straight line) four-periphery line one-line body adjacent turntable controller · AC adapter power supply and controller connection cord jump code: (12) Product Description (one) six two-Joyner Joyner insulation.Kato #20-283 N Gauge Electric Turntable

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