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LGB #55028 Locomotive Decoder

LGB #55028  Locomotive Decoder
  • Manufacture: LGB
  • Category: Decoders
  • Number: 55028
  • Scale: G
  • Price: $106.99
This decoder is suitable for using your locomotive in digital operation (DCC, DC, Mfx) as well as in analog operation. It can handle a maximum of 2 LGB motors. It can be installed in all LGB locomotives and powered units with one or two motors starting in 2014 and it can be installed in the 20220 Allegra. This decoder can be installed in earlier locomotives and powered units provided that you also use the 55529 interface connector adapter. This decoder has 2 light and 6 function outputs, overload and temperature protection, programmable special functions and connecting wire for the LGB DCC interface connector. Technical data: Total load capacity: maximum 4 amps / motor output: maximum 3 amps. Function overview: locomotive address can be programmed in the range 1-10239 / 14 or 28 speed levels, 128 speed levels can be recognized / the load control in analog + digital can be adapted to different types of locomotives / serial and parallel control for all light and function outputs / programmable blinking light and short term functions / programmable pulse generator functions. These and other functions can be programmed with the Universal Hand Controller (LGB 55015) or the MTS PC decoder programming module (LGB 55045) or with all Märklin Central Stations.

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