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Model Train Specials

Model Train Specials

Walthers 920-41851 Diesel EMDGP30 w/Tsunami Sound & DCC - Santa Fe #2710

Walthers 920-41851  Diesel EMDGP30 w/Tsunami Sound & DCC - Santa Fe #2710
  • Manufacture: Model Train Specials
  • Category: Diesel Locomotive
  • Number: 920-41851
  • Scale: HO
  • Price: $239.99
* Limited Edition - One Time Run of These Roadnumbers!

* Road-Specific Detailing

* 14:1 Helical Gears for Smooth, Quiet Performance

* Five-Pole Skew-Wound High-Torque High-Efficiency Can Motor * Low Speed Under 3 Scale MPH

* LED Constant & Directional Headlights

* Easy Multiple Unit Operation

* Metal Grab Irons & Lift Rings

* Available With Factory-Installed Tsunami Sound for DC or DCC Layouts

* Proto MAX Metal Knuckle Couplers

Introduced in 1961, the GP30 was possibly the most distinctive diesel ever built in large numbers. Although longer and wider than previous EMD designs, a slight bulge was needed in the long hood just behind the cab to accommodate air handling and electrical equipment. Influenced by GM's auto styling staff, the bulge was covered with a rounded metal fairing that extended back to the middle of the long hood and to the front edge of the cab roof. The appearance of the new locos could also be changed by customer specifications. Some roads traded in older power and their new GP30s rode on AAR trucks, usually from retired ALCO units. As the extra length of these older trucks required a slightly shorter fuel tank, three sizes were made available. Some roads operated under union rules that required an engineer, fireman and head brakeman on the engine, so the fireman's side of the cab was extended by 12" to provide room for a third seat. Both the Southern and the Norfolk & Western ordered GP30s with high, short hoods, designating the long end as the front. This improved crew safety in the event of a collision; the area under the high short hood housed a toilet. Although replaced by the new 35 Line in 1963, GP30s led long, productive lives in mainline service, and a few remain in revenue service on shortlines today.

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