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Rapido #520506 TurboTrain w/DC/DCC/Sound - VIA Rail Canada(5-Cars)

Rapido #520506  TurboTrain w/DC/DCC/Sound - VIA Rail Canada(5-Cars)
  • Manufacture: Rapido
  • Category: Diesel Locomotive
  • Number: 520506
  • Scale: N
  • Price: $469.99
The Rapido Trains Inc. TurboTrain features:

Accurate dimensions scaled from original blueprints
Two powered Power Dome Cars with smooth, reliable drive systems
Articulated single-axle trucks with needlepoint axles
Full interior detail with interior lighting
Different Canadian and American versions with accurate details
All wheels pick up power for electrical reliability
Working headlights, tail lights, and Gyralites
Prototypically-tinted windows
CN and VIA customers can add a four-pack of Intermediate Cars to complete their trains
Sound-equipped models feature a sound decoder and sugar cube speaker in each Power Dome Car
Sounds are accurate Turbo sounds sourced from original Betamax video recordings
Sound decoders are custom ESU LokSound with amazing sound quality

The United Aircraft TurboTrain is an important part of our railroad heritage. The Turbo was a high-speed passenger train that operated in Canada and the United States from the 1960s to the 1980s. To this day, it is the fastest production train in North American history. It achieved the American speed record of 170.8 MPH in 1967 and the Canadian speed record of 140.6 MPH in 1976, both of which still stand today.

The TurboTrain was designed and marketed by United Aircraft Corporate Systems Center (later Sikorsky Aircraft) as a gas turbine-powered, high-speed intercity train. Each train was powered by four or five Pratt & Whitney ST-6 gas turbine engines, with an additional gas turbine providing auxiliary power. The Turbo featured a unique pendular suspension over articulated single-axle trucks, which allowed the train to tilt in curves. That feature, combined with the short Intermediate Car length, meant that the Turbo could travel much faster than regular trains on conventional track. It was a high-speed train without the need to invest in high-speed train infrastructure.

The American TurboTrain operated first for Penn Central and then toured the United States in 1971 to introduce the nation to Amtrak. The Amtrak Turbo operated mainly between New York and Boston until 1976. In Canada, the Turbo operated first for CN and later for VIA Rail Canada. Operating between Montreal and Toronto (and, for a time, Ottawa), the Turbo became one of the most reliable trains in the country. Sadly, the Turbo era came to an end in 1982. Each and every Turbo was scrapped.

The Rapido Trains Inc. N scale TurboTrain is your chance to recreate this important piece of our railroad history on your own model railroad.


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