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Date due: 06/29/2021

Rapido #84015 EP-5 Electric Locomotive New Haven – Experimental Yellow #372

Rapido #84015  EP-5 Electric Locomotive New Haven – Experimental Yellow #372
  • Manufacture: Rapido
  • Category: Electric Locomotive
  • Number: 84015
  • Scale: HO
  • Price: $289.99
Rapido Trains Inc. is pleased to introduce the first mass-produced HO model of the New Haven Railroad’s classic EP-5 electric locomotive.
The New Haven’s EP-5s are one of the most famous electric locomotives in North America. Built by General Electric, the ten-strong class was delivered in 1955 dressed in the colorful McGinnis red, white and black paint scheme with large “NH” logos on the sides and noses.

The EP-5s were state-of-the-art for their time, being equipped with ignitron rectifiers to convert the AC power from the overhead wires to DC for use in the locomotive’s traction motors. They also carried third rail shoes and DC auxiliaries to allow operation on the third-rail system into New York City’s Grand Central Terminal. Crammed full of electronic equipment, the locos weighed 174 tons.

The EP-5s were put into service in the New Haven’s electrified Shore Line route between New York and New Haven, Connecticut. They very quickly they earned the nickname “Jets” because of the sound of the blower motors need to cool the ignitron rectifiers.

Their flashy paint scheme combined with their operation in a highly populated area meant that they quickly became well-known in the areas that they served. Taking advantage of this popularity, in 1956 both A.C. Gilbert/American Flyer and Lionel introduced models of “Jets” to their line-ups in S gauge and O gauge respectively. Thus many small boys would grow up familiar with this comparatively rare locomotive.

Like any locomotive in regular service, the “Jets” were modified over their service lives. The first modifications came shortly after delivery when large vents were added to the sides of the otherwise smooth bodies. These provided extra cooling for the mass of electrical components within the cramped carbody. The pantograph shoes were modified from a double shoe design to a single shoe design at about the same time.

In the early 1960s the units had FRA-mandated nose grabs and walkways applied. At about this time the paint scheme was modified slightly with the nose “NH” being reduced in size and the nose road number increased in size and moved onto the nose from its previous location at the top of the anticlimber. Side skirts around the fuel and water tank were also removed at about this time.
Several EP-5s continued in service after the Penn Central merger in 1969 while others were stored (with the new class designation E40). The PC transferred some units to former PRR territory where they were used in freight service. The last “Jet” was retired in 1977, shortly after the formation of Conrail. All ten units were scrapped.

Rapido is offering a special one-time run of #372 in its experimental yellow scheme. No collection of New Haven power is complete without one!

Six paint schemes

The model will be offered accurately painted for the New Haven in both common schemes, early Penn Central black and the experimental yellow McGinnis scheme. The EP-5 will be available as DC (DCC-Ready) or DC/DCC/Sound with working pantographs. (DC pantographs can be manually raised or lowered).

HO Model Features:
Accurately scaled from prototype blueprints
Period-correct detail options, including carbody, pantograph and hardware variations
Accurate paint and lettering
Directional operating pantographs (sound models only)
Accurate “Jet” sounds (DC/DCC/Sound version)
Complete lighting package including headlights, class lights, ground lights and cab interior lighting
Factory-installed MacDonald-Cartier metal couplers

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