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Date due: 04/30/2021

Walthers #942-501 Walthers Layout Control System - Vertical Mount Switch Machine 5-Pack

Walthers #942-501  Walthers Layout Control System - Vertical Mount Switch Machine 5-Pack
  • Manufacture: Walthers
  • Category: Tracks & Accessories
  • Number: 942-501
  • Scale: N / HO
  • Price: $74.99
Walthers Layout Control System brings you a low-cost solution for easy turnout control for HO, N, Z, S, and O Scale layouts with this five-pack of Switch Machines! The Layout Control System is expandable at any time to grow with your layout, and can be used with DCC- or DC-power - a DCC accessory decoder is integrated into each switch machine. The system uses plug-and-play servo-style wiring with connectors, so no soldering is needed; two styles of cables are available separately to expand your wiring as needed. User-friendly instructions are included with all items, and drilling templates for easy mounting on your layout or fascia are included as appropriate. Using combinations of the system components, which include a servo-based slow-motion Switch Machine, Power Distribution Block, LED panel indicator-control pushbutton switches, add-on system cabling, a 2-amp 12V Filtered DC Power Supply and a three-piece drill set, you can easily build a complete control system.

Great value - 5 Layout Control System Switch Machines for one low price!
Easy turnout control for HO, N, Z, S, and O Scale layouts
Same features as 942-101 Switch Machines including:
Fully assembled, servo-based unit with approximately one second throw speed
Integrated DCC accessory decoder
Two built-in 5A switches to power turnout frogs, signals, track blocks and more
Self-locking mechanism for reliable positioning - servo power turns off when motion is complete
Adjustable throw and tension from 1/32" to 1/2" (1mm to 12mm) for turnouts in any scale from Z to O
Factory-assembled with output rod in centered position for fast & easy under benchwork mounting
Wire in minutes with included cables
Outputs for both single or bi-color LEDs
Connecting cable included - easily expanded with Connecting Cable (942-112, sold separately)
Vertical mount measures 1-5/8" 4.1cm tall - perfect for multi-deck layouts or anywhere space is limited

Options include:
Adjustable throw speed from .5 to 5 seconds
Remote lock input for dispatcher to enable/disable local turnout control with CTC
Single/Alternate bi-color LED modes
Polarity route control for use of DPDT switch in place of fascia control
Complete instructions with mounting template - use with Walthers Layout Control System Turnout Drill Set (#942-140, sold separately)

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