MRC #0001414 Prodigy Advanced ("Squared")

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Scale Multi
Number 0001414
Manufacturer MRC
If you're a multi-user, multi-cab club with a complex layout and you're ready to take advantage of everything the ultimate DCC experience can offer, Prodigy Advance2 is the system for you. It is also the first DCC system so brilliantly designed that it eliminates the complexities of operation without sacrificing sophisticated technology and comprehensive features. Prodigy Advance2 features... 3.5+ Amps of Power 28 Accessory Functions Program all CV's Two or Four digit addressing (0-9999 addresses available) Advanced and Universal consisting Simultaneously run multiple throttles Program CV's on the main Program on the main or on the program track Recall and stack features Decoder Readback Set handheld for "yard" mode or "mainline" mode Turnout Routing Accessory button Fast Clock with adjustable ratios Handheld with: Back lit display Console with: Three throttle plugs Easily Upgradeable to any future NMRA protocols Computer Interface adaptable Available with wireless When you're ready, you can upgrade to Prodigy Advance2 wireless DCC... all you need is MRC's Wireless Conversion Set (0001412) Also available are power district boosters, ideal for larger layouts
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Item # 0001414
New Arrivals Jan 4, 2023
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Scale Multi
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