Rapido #133012 ACF Flexi Flo: US Systems Inc SYSX (941H, 963H) (6 pcs)

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Scale HO
Number 133012
Manufacturer Rapido
Car Numbers: 800, 806, 807, 836, 862, 864 Single random road number Other details are as follows Three body styles & two top hatch sizes 100-Ton & 125-Ton Barber S-2 trucks Etched metal running boards Both wire and injection-moulded grab irons Fully detailed underbody with full discharge piping Brake equipment and piping variations Factory-installed air pipes and coupler cut levers Metal Macdonald-Cartier knuckle couplers Other than seven cars built for Shippers Car Line (SHPX), a subsidiary of ACF, the NYC was the only purchaser of the PD3500. They made up for it in quantities, with a total of 220 cars rolling off the Milton, Pennsylvania, production line over three subtly different batches. Still new at the time of the Penn Central merger, many cars were simply repatched with PC prefix and logo and renumbered. However, plenty made it through those turbulent years with their full NYC paint unspoilt. Come the era of Conrail and many cars were repatched again, making them a rolling north-eastern railroad history lesson as patches faded showing PC and NYC logos beneath the famous "canopener"! Many others were repainted, with Conrail applying at least three different schemes. If there is any lingering feeling among railfans that these cars were captive to the north east then the 1980-90s should dispel that misconception as the cars spread their wings, first through the transfer of many cars to Conrail's Merchants Despatch Transportation Co. (MDTX) subsidiary, and then the later sale of cars to NAHX (for Lafarge) and SXSX/SYSX for use in Arizona, California and the south west, all gaining new paint schemes in the process. By 2000, an explosion of patchouts had taken place with a plethora of different reporting marks popping up and no part of the USA off limits. They were even more common in many parts of Canada! Many were still in use well into the mid 2010s, only being retired as they fell foul of the 50 year rule. This is the first time that the ACF PD3500 has appeared as a high-quality plastic model and Rapido intends to do this classic and much requested design justice! The body of the Flexi Flo evolved rapidly during its two years of manufacture and the Rapido version replicates all these changes, including different strengthening rib and weld line arrangements. We are also debuting a brand new 125-Ton Barber S-2 truck used under many of the NYC cars.
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Item # 133012
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Scale HO
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