Atlas #10003650 B23-7 w/DCC/Sound - Santa Fe #6396

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Scale HO
Number 10003650
Manufacturer Atlas
General Electric’s “Dash 7” locomotive line was introduced as a replacement for the older “Universal-Series” of the 60s and early 70s. “Dash 7” series improvements included increased fuel efficiency tractive effort and reliability. The B23-7 was a direct replacement for the 2250HP U23B model. The first units were produced for Conrail in September 1977 (ironically 3 months after the last U23B was delivered to Conrail). Production continued through 1984 with a total of 535 units built. Conrail was the largest purchaser of the model with a total fleet of 141 units. Several features distinguished B23-7s from predecessor models. The long hood stepped outward in the area of the exhaust stack to accommodate a relocated oil cooler. In addition the frame was 2 feet longer than that of the U23B. An FB-2 style truck was offered as standard equipment on B23-7s but some railroads opted to use “trade-in” trucks. Therefore AAR type B and Blomberg trucks could be found on some models. The six power assembly doors (located near the center of the long hood) indicated that the B23-7 was powered by a 12-cylinder GE FDL engine. There were three distinct “phases” of GE 4-axle “Dash 7” locomotive production. Models on this run represent both “phase 1” and "phase 2" units. Phase 1 units feature a 36’2” wheel base and were built through the Spring of 1979. Phase 2 units feature a 37' 2" wheel base and production lasted from the Spring of 1979 through the Fall of 1980. Features Separately-applied scale detail parts include windshield wipers metal grab irons coupler cut levers multiple-unit hoses snow plow train line hoses fine scale handrails and more! See through step detail on sill Etched metal radiator grilles Painted crew members Factory-equipped with AccuMate knuckle couplers Coupler pocket designed to accept AccuMate Proto-couplers Five-pole skewed armature motor with dual flywheels for optimum performance at all speeds Directional lighting Gold locomotives will be sound-equipped
More Information
Item # 10003650
Preorder No
Scale HO
Roadnumber May Vary No
Trains Diesel Locomotives
Engine Style B23-7 - B30-7 - B36-7
Engine Electronics DCC And Sound
Road Name Santa Fe