Oxford 87BS36006 HO Junkyard Project Buick Special Converible 1936

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Scale HO
Number 87BS36006
Manufacturer Oxford Diecast

This must be one of a kind! Ripe for restoration? Upcycling? Whatever the description, the team at Oxford have pulled off a first!  And yet in real life, some gems must have been re-discovered like this, abandoned in barns and garages and been restored to former glory.  We wonder if there is a human story behind this 1936 vehicle sadly forgotten by its owner.

First of all, we love the reproduction rust – so realistic. The existing body colour is a pale grey white, the same colour as the wheel trim. The interior seating, floor and trim is mouse grey and the dashboard is pale brown. The hood which is folded down – probably just as well to prevent further disintegration– is cream.  The chrome work seems to be in reasonable condition and would come up shining with some chrome polish and elbow grease by a restorer!

It would be great to see it ‘done up’.

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Item # 87BS36006
New Arrivals Sep 10, 2023
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Scale HO
Roadnumber May Vary No
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