Oxford #87CN57001 Chevrolet Nomad 1957 Dusk Pearl/Imperial Ivory

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Scale HO
Number 87CN57001
Manufacturer Oxford Diecast
The first American 1950s station wagon into the 1:87 series comes in the shape of the Chevrolet Nomad which Chevrolet (General Motors) made in various forms between 1955 and 1972. We have chosen the best known and well-remembered two-door model of the original made between 1955 and 1957. Our 1957 model makes its debut in a dusty pink with pale ivory roof, complete with the usual extravagant amount of chrome trim favoured in the USA during this period. Registered 11019 H from Victoria, the chrome side flashes feature the Bel Air lettering while the wide chrome radiator grille carries the signature Chevy badge with the Chevrolet lettering across the front of the bonnet. The interior seating and the steering wheel are moulded in grey. The Nomad design had its roots in both the Bel Air and Corvette, which was not unintentional from a sales point of view. Advertised as ‘The Hot One’, the Nomad came with quite upmarket fittings, including interior carpet, padded dashboard and two bench seats giving room for six passengers with the rear seat folding down for more storage space at the back. Further modifications in 1956 included a full-width grille and the petrol cap was now behind the left side flip down tail light. The basic V8 had a two-barrel carburettor with 162 hp but by 1957 this was increased significantly with the V8 Super Turbo Fire producing 283 hp. However despite all the refinement and upgrades, low sales led to the original Nomad being discontinued in 1957 and a complete revamp for 1958.
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Item # 87CN57001
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