MRC 0001320 Throttlepack Power Pack 9950 DC With LCD Meters

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Scale Multi, G, ON30, HO, N
Number 0001320
Manufacturer MRC

The Throttlepack 9950 can operate in three different settings:

Standard DC Power Pack Operation
LGB MFX Equipped
DCC Equipped for a NMRA compatible decoder
When you power up the 9950 it starts in regular DC power pack mode. The 9950 offers a power rating of 125 watts. The LCD display will display the voltage level from the throttle to the track and current load, in amps, that you are using. It will also display the direction of the locomotive, momentum in the on or off position, and overload condition (short circuit or maximum current draw). The 9950 offers momentum capability and a voltage booster switch so it is perfect for operating large G gauge layouts.

When in DC operating model you may follow standard DC operating instructions if you are using DC only locomotives. Features include:

125 watts (7.5 amps) - huge power output
Includes momentum circuitry
Braking switch
Direction switch
Runs all scales of DC operated trains
HO or G voltage selection button
LCD screen displays volts and amps
In addition, the 9950 can also be used in:

LGB MFX mode to use one loco equipped with an LGB MFX equipped sound decoder.


DCC mode to use one loco equipped with an NMRA compatible decoder.

In DCC mode the 9950 will only run a locomotive set to the default address of #3. Use the throttle to control the speed of the loco. The direction can ONLY be changed when the loco is at rest with the throttle set to zero.

If you’d like to learn more, please see the instruction manual on our website.

*** Optional Walkaround Controller ***The Throttlepack 9950 offers an optional handheld throttle that provides speed control, brake, and direction control. Please see item 0001325.


0001320 Throttlepack 9950 Manual

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Item # 0001320
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Scale Multi, G, ON30, HO, N
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