ESU 50012 ECoS Boost 7 Amp Power Booster

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Scale HO, N
Number 50012
Manufacturer ESU
ESU 50012 ECoSBoost 7 Amp Power Booster Indispensable components of any large model railroad are amplifiers (here called „Booster“) If the power consumption of all of your moving trains including their functions car illumination and function models is larger than the current the central station is able to put out you have to split up your layout into several blocks the power for which is supplied by their own booster. The ECoSBoost(er) is designed for precisely that task It is matched perfectly for the use with our ESU ECoS or the Märklin® central station. Mode of operations The ECoSBoost is connected directly to the ECoSlink jack from where it gets its control signals. Basically it is capable of amplifying and delivering to the track these data formats DCC Motorola Selectrix® and mfx®. Which data format will be put out in a given case depends of course entirely upon the command station that’s being used and its capabilities Therefore the booster connected to an ESU ECoS will handle DCC and Selectrix® while if attached to a Märklin® central station it will amplify and deliver Motorola®- respectively mfx® data signals. Thanks to „Plug&Play“ all ECoSBoost(ers) are included automatically into a list of extern ECoSlink components and can be controlled and configured centrally on the ECoS display. The correct firmware status is essential to make the ECoSBoost work properly with these command stations If the interior software is too old the booster will possibly not be recognized. Please check the sytem reqirements. Functions ECoSBoost amplifies data signals generated by the digital central station and delivers them to the designated track outlet. ECoSBoost power comes from an included power supply featuring a stabilized DC output. Each ECoSBoost is controlled and configured comfortably directly by the ECoS For each booster you can individually determine its max permissible output current. What’s more the display can be dialled up to show you the present power consumption of each booster so you know how much „reserves“ you still got. Extremely sensible is the option to tell each booster individually weather or not to shut down its section in case of a layout short circuit. For example if you have your switch (turnout) decoders hooked up to a separate ECoSBoost you can still control your switches reliably in case of a track short. Feedback An ECoSBoost can do more than amplify and deliver track current Each one has incorporated as a standard feature a feed back function (Global Detector) for the NMRA Bidirectional Communication. With its help appropriately equipped locos can send back information to the ECoS as soon as the relevant DCC – norm is adopted. This is immensely helpful in finding the loco’s position on the layout or reading out engine data. ECoSBoost reads the data and sends them via the ECoSlink high speed bus to ECoS for further processing. Protection Each ECoSBoost of course meets the relevant requirements regarding safety and operation on a layout The track outlet is protected against overload as well as short circuits. Of course ECoSBoost can differentiate between a „genuine“ short and a momentary current drain when passing over switches or gaps. We place value on the indestructibility of the device just like we do with our mobile decoders. Future built-in The operational software of each in an ECoSBoost integrated micro controller can be updated of course if need be and augmented by additional functions The required upgrade is performed automatically bythe ECoS central station if necessary. No action on your part is required! In this way your ECoSBoost is literally always „up to date“!
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Scale HO, N
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