Walthers #920-41903 EMD SD7 with Tsunami Sound & DCC Bessemer & Lake Erie #803

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Number 920-41903
Manufacturer Walthers
Scale HO
Designed for branch lines, EMD's |Special Duty} series debuted in 1952 with the SD7, featuring the new three-axle Flexi-Coil truck with its powered center axle. EMD's new truck not only spread the weight, but the extra traction motors provided more starting power. Responding to demand for a more powerful version, EMD replaced the SD7 with the SD9 in 1954, equipped with the new 567C prime mover that delivered 1,750 horsepower. Except for placement of the class lights, the SD9 looked almost the same as the SD7. By the time production ended in 1959, 515 SD9s were in service on over a dozen railroads. Some are still going strong after 50+ years of service! * Limited Edition - One Time Run of These Roadnumbers! * Road-Specific Detailing * Available with Tsunami) Sound for DCC & Standard DC Layouts * All-Wheel Drive & Electrical Pickup * Machined Brass Flywheels * Constant & Directional Headlights * Heavy Die Cast Chassis * 5-Pole Skew-Wound Motor * RP-25 Metal Wheels * Proto MAX(TM) Magnetic Knuckle Couplers Based on three locos in this configuration in service mid-1950s to early 1960s with: * New Paint Scheme - End Logos Eliminated for Sand Filler Hatches * Long Hood Forward Operation * Standard-style Coupler Cut Lever * Steam Generator * Winterization Hatch * Dynamic Brakes * Nathan M5 Horn * New - Sand Hatch Covers Below Headlights on Both Ends * Rerail Frogs on Front Truck Sideframe
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Item # 920-41903
Train Category Diesel Locomotive
Scale HO