What Is Lionel Legacy?

Lionel Legacy integrates all of the new effects that LIONEL has made so popular.
Sounds, smoke effects, servo-controlled speed and more are easily accessed during the normal course of operation.
The LIONEL LEGACY Control System makes these features and effects available to you in an unprecedented variety of operating possibilities.
The LIONEL LEGACY Control System improves operation of every LIONEL ever made, starting in 1900.
Enhanced speed resolution brings new realism to our prewar and post-war products, whether they are the originals that made history, or the TMCC equipped engines and operating cars that celebrated our heritage by bringing the latest technology to these great products.
This control system is another milestone in LIONEL history.
The LIONEL LEGACY Control System improves all of the interfaces operators have become accustomed to using with modern command control trains.
The new real-time “quilling” Whistle-Horn control is a great example.
In place of our pioneering original method, pressing a button and triggering an onboard sound device, or hearing a pre-recorded sound from an electronic source, the LIONEL LEGACY Control System pioneers new control of the warning sounds through a spring-loaded lever that makes it possible for you to “play” the whistle just like real engineers did in the hey-day of steam operations.
But that’s not all, you will also experience revolutionary new ways of controlling brake, boost, bell, direction, switches, routes and more.
It's all new.

How Can I Operate Lionel Legacy Engines?

Lionel 2208010 Lionel Base3 is the new revolutionary command base that brings control of all Lionel engine command types to a single controller of your choosing. Symbolically modeled after the Hell Gate Bridge in New York City, the new Lionel Base3 bridges the gap between LEGACY, TMCC, LionChief+2.0 and now LionChief, LionChief+, FlyerChief and of course conventional locomotives from a single controller. The Base3 is compatible with the Legacy Cab2 or Cab-1L hardware remotes as well as the new Cab3 APP for Android or Apple smart devices.

Your choice of controller - Built-in Wi-Fi for full Base3 functionality with the Cab3 APP & compatible with the Cab2 or Cab-1L remotes.
Control the new VISION LINE Class A with 4-digit addressing using the Base3's Destiny radio and the Cab3 APP!
VISION Class A also includes the Legacy radio for control with a Cab-1L or Cab2 remote.
Control Lionel Legacy, TMCC, and LionChief+2.0 engines through the Base3's Legacy radio
Control Lionel Bluetooth LionChief+, LionChief, and FlyerChief engines through the Base3's Bluetooth radio
Control Lionel RF LionChief+, LionChief, and FlyerChief engines through the Base3's RF radio
Layout Control System: 3 PDI ports for expanded LCS use. Built-in circuit monitoring to protect the Base3 from PDI short circuits
Memory module support - Included writable module to easily transfer your engine roster from your Base2 to your new Base3. Reads older Legacy engine orange modules.
Wi-Fi Base3 firmware updates using the Cab3 APP

 What is the Base3?

a.The Base3 is the latest iteration of the Lionel Command Control base that allows you to operate Lionel command control-equipped trains and accessories.


Will the Base3 operate my Legacy locomotives?

a.Yes, the Base3 is compatible with Legacy, TMCC, LionChief Plus 2.0, LionChief Plus, LionChief, and FlyerChieflocomotives.


What controllers are compatible with the Base3?

a.You can use your existing Cab2 or Cab-1L hardware remotes.

i.For the Cab2, we recommend updating the firmware to the latest V1.70, which can be found on the lionelsupport.com site.

ii.While the Cab2 remote will no longer be produced, the Cab-1L remote will continue to be available.

b.The new Cab3 APP as well as the LCS APP. Limited functionality will be available with the iCab APP as well.


How many controllers can be connected to the Base3 at once?

a.Up to 10 total devices. Any combination of Cab2, Cab-1L, or Cab3 APP.


LCS SER2 Serial Converter (6-81326) provides Base3 compatibility with:


b.TPC300 or TPC400

c.Older Lionel control modules such as the ASC, AMC, ARC, and BPC



Other than controlling trains, what else does the Cab3 APP do?

a.Update the Base3’s firmware using Wi-Fi.

b.Backup/restore the Base3’s engine database.

c.Configure the Base3’s Wi-Fi connection.

d.Edit Bluetooth and RF saved engines.


Will the Cab3 APP work on my iPad?

a.The Cab3 APP will be available on Android and iOS smart devices including smartphones and tablets.


Base3/Cab3 FAQ

Base3 –Item # 2208010

February 2022


I don’t have a smartphone. How else can I update and configure the Base3?

a.We will have a PC utility available for download that will interface with the Base3 using either Wi-Fi or the included USB cable. (Not compatible with MAC).


It will have the following functions:

i.Update Base3 firmware

ii.Create and read memory modules for:

1.Base3 engine database

2.Engine specific information

3.Cab2 firmware update

iii.Backup/restore Base3 engine database to a local PC file

iv.Edit Base3 data (name, switch throw rate, Wi-Fi settings, TMCC remote radio channel, etc.)

v.Basic engine control buttons.


Is there a manual I can review for the Base3?

a.The manual will be digital. The website will go live later this year. A quick-start guide will be included with the Base3 that will have the website URL.


How do I use the Base3 to control my conventional engines?

a.The Base3 is fully compatible with the ZW-L, Legacy PowerMaster, and Legacy PowerMaster360W. These allow you to adjust track voltage from a handheld controller connected to the Base3.


I have a large layout. What range does the Base3 have?

a.For Legacy/TMCC, the range is typically up to 100ft from Base to controller.

b.Bluetooth: The Base3 comes with BLE5.0, which has a range up to 100ft. Lionel Bluetooth engines produced before 2021C2 feature BLE4.0, which is limited to a range of about 20ft.

c.RF LionChief: Around 80ft.


**range is reduced by physical barriers such as tunnels, bridges, walls, accessories, etc.**


How do I connect the Base3 to the LCS modules? Do I need the powered Y-cable?

a.The Base3 provides 3 LCS PDI ports, each powering the LCS modules. You do not need the Y-cable. All you need is the LCS module and a PDI cable, which is available in 4 different lengths. For each additional LCS device, you only need an additional PDI cable.

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