What Is Lionel Legacy?

Lionel Legacy integrates all of the new effects that LIONEL has made so popular.
Sounds, smoke effects, servo-controlled speed and more are easily accessed during the normal course of operation.
The LIONEL LEGACY Control System makes these features and effects available to you in an unprecedented variety of operating possibilities.
The LIONEL LEGACY Control System improves operation of every LIONEL ever made, starting in 1900.
Enhanced speed resolution brings new realism to our prewar and post-war products, whether they are the originals that made history, or the TMCC equipped engines and operating cars that celebrated our heritage by bringing the latest technology to these great products.
This control system is another milestone in LIONEL history.
The LIONEL LEGACY Control System improves all of the interfaces operators have become accustomed to using with modern command control trains.
The new real-time “quilling” Whistle-Horn control is a great example.
In place of our pioneering original method, pressing a button and triggering an onboard sound device, or hearing a pre-recorded sound from an electronic source, the LIONEL LEGACY Control System pioneers new control of the warning sounds through a spring-loaded lever that makes it possible for you to “play” the whistle just like real engineers did in the hey-day of steam operations.
But that’s not all, you will also experience revolutionary new ways of controlling brake, boost, bell, direction, switches, routes and more.
It's all new.

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