TCS #1481 K0D8-E 8 Function Decoder for Kato N Scale E5 and E6 Locomotives

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Scale N
Number 1481
Manufacturer Train Control Systems
Train Control Systems N scale 1-amp (2-amp peak), full featured, 8-function BEMF decoder. Features auto-adjusting BEMF for outstanding slow speed performance and hassle free set up, and Quiet Drive for super quiet engine performance. Includes easy to follow installation instructions. Designed to fit Kato N scale E5 and E6 locomotives. Features: Superbright, Golden White LED Back EMF Load Compensation for superior slow speed control even with heavy loads Quiet Drive creates SUPER QUIET engine performance Autodetect for realistic throttle response when using DC power Dimmed brightness of bulbs or LEDs is adjustable Variable Momentum lets you make custom acceleration curves Brake on DC (stops the train with deceleration when in a DC block, maintains lighting, then accelerates when DCC returns) Ditch Lights: control alternating ditch lights with realistic pulsing Mars, Gyra, and Rotary Beacon are adjustable Decoder Lock for programming same address decoders independently Function Remapping: 13 buttons for most lights, 7 buttons for operations OPS Mode programming allows on the main track programming All program modes supported allowing use with any controller Basic and advanced consisting Standard 2 and 4 digit addressing User uploadable speed tables for custom speed curves 14 or 28/128 speed step control operating at 256 speed steps Dimensions: 54.32mm x 13.766mm x 1.73mm (2.138" x 0.542" x 0.068") Compatible with NMRA DCC standards TCS one year goof proof, no questions asked warranty Made in the USA
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Item # 1481
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Scale N
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