Jacksonville Terminal Company JTC

Jacksonville Terminal Company LLC (JTC Model Trains) was established in November of 2017 by Two N scale modelers who have a passion to deliver Quality products to the model railroad industry. We are a Family owned business based in the U.S.A., established upon several core factors.   The First driving factor behind the business is to deliver high quality products, as close to prototypical as ‘reasonably possible’, while being competitive in nature. Second factor is that the modelers MUST be the beneficiary of the JTC products, to enhance Modelers efforts in creating their miniature worlds. Third , JTC likes to produce models that have not been made before, and that also are more prototypically accurate products, than are currently on the market. JTC wants to deliver new products to modelers regularly to keep the modeler interested and active all year round enjoying this wonderful hobby of Model Railroading. Finally, JTC desires to be recognized and known for delivering high quality products, not just pre-orders, that are many months away, or fallen concepts. We hope you enjoying exploring the many different schemes and details available on our unique New Toolings. All of our new Tooling is specifically made for, and owned by JTC. Most of our Artwork is made in the US by very talented and creative artists. 

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