Scene & Decor Sheets

Scene & Decor SheetsScene & Decor Sheets

Scene & Decor Sheets are premade sheets that are perfect for any model train layout.  Add scenery mats and decor sheets for your scenery scene. 

Decor Sheets: Our complete range of embossed styrene plastic sheets can be used to create roofing, flooring, siding, rock, stone, metal plate, and other architectural parts. The sheets are demanded by architectural firms and hobbyists for their accurate, embossed detailing and versatility.

Scenery Sheets:  These innovative, multipurpose landscape details are remarkably adaptable. You'll find flowers, grass, and other vegetation. They complement various terrain including meadows, plains, and pastures. Each sheet can be torn or cut to the exact size you need and shaped to regular or irregular contours. The smooth, flexible material fits into various terrain areas and can be easily glued to your layout. You can also remove individual tufts and use them throughout your landscaping.


Want More Information On Scenery? Check Out Our Scenery 101 Page Below!

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