Static Grass Flock

S Scale Static Grass FlockS Scale Static Grass Flock

Static Grass is a special material that stands upright when it is applied with the Static King or a static Applicator. Static Grass Flock is a fiber product that models grass and/or weeds. Use Static Grass to model fields and other tall grasses. Blend multiple lengths and colors of Static Grass to replicate all phases of growth. Woodland Scenics Static king or static applicators makes it easy to model large grassy areas and ensures Static Grass is applied vertically.

Static Grass range enables modellers to produce realistic fields, grassed areas, moorlands and embankments. Electrostatically charge the grass filaments so that they stand vertically, regardless of the terrain. Electrostatic grassing with upright grass fibres allows you to creating medium to large areas, such as lawns, fields, moorlands etc. Mixing various lengths and colours of grasses can produce highly realistic textures and effects.


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