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How Do I Submit A Return?

You can use the "RETURNS" portal in the upper left corner of our home page. First time users of the returns portal must FIRST create and account. Once created you will need to log in again in order to submit an RMA request. Requests are normally answered within 24- 72 hours.

I forgot my password!
1. Click on "Forgot Your Password" right next to the "Login" Button
2. Enter login or E-Mail and click send.  Your account info will be sent to you by E-Mail.
3. A code to reset your password and your registration information has just been sent to your e-mail address. Please check your email. Note that the reset code is re-generated on each request. Also please check your spam folder if you did not receive it.
4. Please click on the link under the wording "To change your password please visit the link below:"
5. After you click the link, please enter your new password, reconfirm your password and change it.

How do I change my existing password? 
1. Click on "My Account" on the top right hand corner 
2. Click on "Email & Password" 
3. Enter and reconfirm your new password and click "Save". 

How can I cancel or change my order?
Due to the speed at which orders are processed, orders cannot and will not be changed or canceled via e-mail.  If you have noticed an issue with your order after it has been Accepted by our online ordering system, you must call 718-436-7072 during our hours of operation to address the issue.
After an order is submitted through , you may check the order Status on your Account. You have the option to Cancel an order from your account, but only if the Status reads "Accepted" If you log onto your account and the order Status reads Processing or Completed, your order cannot be Canceled.

Simply follow the directions below to cancel your order if and only if your status is still accepted.
1. Log Into your account.
2. Click on My Account on the top right hand side of the screen.
3. Click on the order number you would like to edit.
4. Make sure the Order Status still reads Accepted
5. If and only if the order status still reads accepted you can click cancel on the right hand side of the screen.  Please submit the reason why you are canceling the order.

What is the size difference between G, O, S, ON30, HO And N Scale

G 1:22 (Sometimes 1:32)
O 1:48 
ON30 1:48 (Runs On HO Track)
S 1:64
HO 1:87
N 1:160

How Do I Select The Right Decoder For My Engine?
NCE Decoder Selector!decoder-selector-tool/c1c03
Digitrax Decoder Selector
SoundTraxx Decoder Selector

How Do I Contact A Manufacturer For Help, Parts, Service Or Technical Assistance?

American Flyer 586-949-4100 Ext. 2
Athearn Customer Service 310-763-7140 and
Atlas 908-687-0880
Bachmann / Williams 800-356-3910 OR
BlackStone Models 970-259-0690
Bowser 570-368-2379
Broadway Limited 386-673-8900
Circuitron 815-886-9010
Digitrax Tech Support 850-872-9890 Ext 119 / Ext 133 or
ESU 570-980-1982
Fox Valley Models 847-768-2344
Gar Graves 315-483-6577
Intermountain 800-472-2530
Kadee 541-826-3883
Kato 847-781-9500
LGB Warranty Issues 573 365-9521
Lionel Tech 586-949-4100 Ext. 2 OR
Micro Trains Line 541-535-1755
Miller Engineering 203-595-0619
MRC/Model Power/Mantua 732-225-2100
MTH 410-381-2580
NCE 585-265-0230 or
Piko 619-280-2800
Rapido 905-474-3314
Rivarossi 877-358-6405 ext 101 OR
Soundtraxx Tech  970-259-0690
 SplitJaw  1-877-762-4822
TCS Tech Support 215-453-9145
Walthers Warranty Issues or Parts 1-800-877-7171 Ext.2221
Woodland Scenics 573-346-5555

Having A Problem With Your Train Set? Here Is A Quick Reference Guide

Lionel Fastrack Remote Sets
1. Make sure you have good AAA Batteries in the remote

2. If you think you are missing pieces in your set, turn the styrofoam box over.  Usually there are additional contents on the back side of the packaging.

3. Did you put the batteries in correctly + and -
If the battery cover is removed, ensure the batteries are fully seated in the battery compartment
4. Make sure the power supply is plugged into the track. Make sure the light on the track lights up. Ensure the outlet the power supply is plugged into functions properly (not controlled by an on/off switch in the off position)
5. Is the train in sleep mode? Did you leave the power supply plug in when you’re not using it? Reset sleep mode by unplugging the power, wait 20 seconds and then replug the power supply.
(this is a function of the remote turning off and the train just stopping. The remote needs to be cycled off/on, not the loco)
6. Make sure all your track is pushed in together and the connections are tight together.
7. Are all the wheels of the train on the track? Make sure they are on, or the engine will not move!
8. It’s possible that you may have a bad piece of track.  If this is the case, the engine will stop at the same location.  Replace that piece of track or try turning the track around or putting it in another location to see if the problem continues. There is also a quick video that shows folks how to correct a piece of track not getting power! This takes all of 2 seconds to do it,

9. If you added on extra track or accessories you may need a bigger power supply!

10. You must unplug your transformer when it is NOT in use.

Lionel Starter Set Coupler Not Closing - Easy Fix

Lion Chief Getting Started Starter Set Video

Lionel Plug N Play Getting Started Video

N-HO-ON30-G DC Sets
1. Make sure the transformer has power.
2. Usually you should be connecting the wire to the DC variable output.
3. Make sure all your track is pushed in together and the connections are tight together
4. If your transformer has an indicator light, make sure it is on
5. Make sure the wire to the transformer is also connected to the track.
6. Are all the wheels of the train on the track? Make sure they are or the engine will not move!

7. You must unplug your transformer when it is NOT in use.

Bachmann HO Scale Getting Started Starter Set Video

Bachmann N Scale Getting Started Starter Set Video

Bachmann ON30 Scale Getting Started Starter Set Video

Bachmann E-Z App Scale Getting Started Starter Set Video

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