Atlas O #66904 Operating Oil Pump - Black

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Scale O
Number 66904
Manufacturer Atlas
PROTOTYPE INFORMATION The “nodding donkey” or pumpjack is a common sight across the rich oil-producing regions of the United States. Whether grouped together in fields of hundreds or standing alone the slow rocking motion of these visible parts of the vast underground oil extraction process typically extract between 2 to 12 gallons of liquid per stroke unattended 24/7 every day of the year making them extremely cost-effective to install and operate. Their unique shape and motion have also inspired generations of creative artists to add paint and sheet metal to transform many examples into whimsical creatures which have become staples of small-town tourist attractions. This release of the Atlas Operating Oil Pump includes both standard and artist-inspired color versions as well as a “basic black” canvas for you to create your own menagerie. MODEL FEATURES • Fully Assembled and Wired • Realistic operation • Colorful prototypical paint schemes • Operates on DC or AC power (8-22V)
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Item # 66904
Preorder Yes
Scale O
Roadnumber May Vary No
Buildings & Scene Details Building & Structure Built Ups
Structure Type Gas Station & Oil Tanks, Utility System