Lubricants that are used by model train enthusiasts or any kind of model hobbyist. Products contain the highest quality lubricants available today and are specifically formulated for the miniature motors and tiny gears found on model railroads. TrainWorld has a large selection of hobby lube or hobby lubricants for any hobbyist. Lubricants and premium oils are specially formulated and performance tested for a full range of modeling and household applications.

Grease for gears and oil for wheel axles. Light, medium and heavy grade oils are available as well as white grease. Even with a good fit in the journal, a little light oil will help keep your wheels turning. As on the prototype, the journal is a site of great friction. Left unchecked, a model "hot box" can actually wear out the side frames or the ends of the axles. This is most common when metal axles are used with metal side frames. Put a small drop of light oil in the side frames when you insert the wheels.

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