Bluford Shops 87320 N 86' Quad Door Boxcar - CN #798028

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Scale N
Number 87320
Manufacturer Bluford Shops

Bluford Shops is introducing a new run of our N scale Pullman Standard 86’ Quad Door Auto Parts Boxcars. This new set of releases will feature a new draft gear design that accommodates 1015 and compatible couplers (included,) our latest 70 ton roller bearing trucks and metal wheels. The minimum radius is 11”. They also include separate wire grab irons and etched metal platforms on the ends. The draft gear is mounted to the body but has a spring centered swing action that both resists string-lining the train pulling through curves and resists the trucks climbing the rail during shoving moves.


These super-size boxcars were originally built to carry high-value low-density automobile parts such as body panels and window glass to final assembly plants. This Quad Door variation was developed at the request of General Motors but could later be found serving other manufacturers as well. Cars were purchased in pools that included several railroads (based on mileage) and several auto plants. For instance, a pool could include plants in California, Michigan, Georgia and New York and include boxcars from more than half a dozen railroads. Cars could be assigned to any destination in the pool whether or not it was on the home road. In later years, these cars could be found carrying other low-density loads such as turbine fans, paper pulp, breakfast cereal and even peat moss used in landscaping.

In 1995 Canadian National was privitized and their US subsidiaries were transitioned to the status of “paper railroads” with operations and marketing images integrated into CN. Since subsidiary Grand Trunk Western had many more 86’ boxcars than CN, GTW blue was adopted as the new standard color. As the internet became ubiquitous, CN added their website below the familiar CN noodle. These cars have “CANADIAN” (English) on one side and “CANADIEN” (French) on the other.

More Information
Item # 87320
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Scale N
Roadnumber May Vary No
Rolling Stock Box Cars
Road Name Canadian National - CN