LGB 20494 P42 Diesel Locomotive - Amtrak 50th Anniversary Phase VI

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Scale G
Number 20494
Manufacturer LGB
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When Amtrak was founded in 1971 and entrusted with the operation of passenger service in the USA, only existing rolling stock and locomotives of the predecessor railroads was available. The locomotives included mostly older E and F units. Planning and purchase of a new locomotive designed especially for passenger service was thus begun. Yet, it took until 1992 until the first locomotives of the new generation were delivered. These locomotives built by General Electric had the class designations P40DC, P42DC, and P32AC-DM, depending on the features. They were popularly known as the "Genesis". With a motor performance between 3,200 and 4,250 horsepower – depending on the version – and a maximum speed between 166 km/h / 104 mph and 177 km/h / 111 mph, these 21 meter / 68 foot 3 inch long and approximately 125 metric ton locomotives still currently fulfill all tasks placed on them. The differences from the heavy six-axle diesel freight locomotives can be recognized in their appearance: With a completely streamlined body, these four-axle locomotives go very well with the express passenger cars, regardless of whether it is the streamliner cars or the big bi-level cars. You can see a certain similarity to the ICE trucks – no wonder they both come from the same builders, from Krupp or Siemens. A special unit is the P32AC-DM. This locomotive has a smaller diesel motor, but it can also run electrically from the third rail in the cities. This is chiefly necessary in New York, since no diesel locomotives are allowed to run in the tunnels in Manhattan. A total of 269 of these units was purchased by Amtrak, another 31 units were acquired by the commuter unit Metro North, and finally 21 units by Via Rail in Canada. These locomotives are still in use across the country – but a replacement is already in the works: The ALC-42 "Charger" built by Siemens, which is setting new standards with its 4,500 horsepower and 200 km/h / 125 mph maximum speed …


  • Special version for the Amtrak anniversary.
  • mfx/DCC decoder.
  • 2 powerful motors.
  • Headlights can be controlled digitally.
  • Sound included.
  • Prototypical paint scheme.

This is a model of the AMD 103 "Genesis" diesel locomotive for the American passenger service company Amtrak. The paint scheme and lettering on road number 160 are an adaptation of the Phase III scheme as applied to Amtrak's Dash 8-32BWH locomotives to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Amtrak. All four wheelsets are driven by two powerful Bühler ball bearing motors. The locomotive has an mfx/DCC decoder with many light and sound functions. There is cab lighting and instrument lighting, which can be controlled in digital operation. The locomotive comes with American knuckle couplers installed and LGB system couplers are included. Length 77 cm / 30-5/16".

Amfleet cars to go with this locomotive are available under item numbers 31201 to 31205.

More Information
Item # 20494
Preorder Yes
Scale G
Roadnumber May Vary No
Trains Diesel Locomotives
Engine Style Dash 8 - 8-32 - 8-40 - 8-40B - 8-40BW - 8-40C - 8-40CW, P40 - P42 Genesis
Engine Electronics DCC And Sound
Road Name Amtrak