PIKO 35228 Manual Switch Left, R3 22.5 Deg

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Number 35228
Manufacturer PIKO
Scale G
35228 R3 Manual Switch Left 22.5° Track (G-Scale) Features R3 Curve: Radius = 920mm / 36.2" Diameter = 1840mm / 72.4" Each 35228 switch is 22.5° plus a PIKO #35214 (7.5° R5 Curve) Each 35228 fits in the space of one G280 + G140 (280mm + 140mm) Straight Track Built-In light spring mechanism holds rails where they are set, but allows trains to pass through against the points rails without derailing. No separate machine or manual switch throw needed. Hidden jumper wires to ensure reliable long term electrical contact. Easily convert any PIKO switch to remote operation by adding a PIKO 35271 switch machine and a switch controller 100% Virgin Brass Rail Code 332 (0.332” high) solid rail. Ties are made of ultraviolet-stabilized HDPE Unique track geometry makes even complex track plans simple to build with only a few different track sections. Compatible with most other brands of G-Scale track for unlimited expansion possibilities. Sturdy push-together rail joiners are factory-formed to fit tightly to the rail profile. Compact design, coordinated with the PIKO G-Track geometric system. Made in our own factory in Germany. For best results outdoors, use PIKO RailClamps.
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Item # 35228
Scale G
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