Reset/Change Password

I forgot my password!

1. Click on "sign in" in the top right. Click on "Forgot Your Password" right next to the "Sign In" on the page. 2. Type in your email associated with your Trainworld account, enter the captcha and click "Reset My Password". Your account info will be sent to you by E-Mail. 3. Check your email for a message from Trainworld about resetting your password. Click on the "Set a New Password" link in the email. Also please check your spam folder if you did not receive it. 4. Enter your new password and click "Set A new Password". You should now be able to log in with the new password.

Account Creation & Reset Password Video Guide

How do I change my existing password?

1. Click on "My Account" on the top right hand corner. 2. Click on "Account Information" on the left side. 3. Click on the box next to "Change Password". 4. Type in your current password and the new password you would like to change it to. 5. Click on "Save". Your password is now updated.